Here’s how it works:

Step 1
We discuss what type of car & ownership experience you are looking for, budget and timeline. 

Step 2
You pay us a $1500 sourcing deposit in order to begin. This lets us know you’re serious about buying before we spend the time searching, talking to owners, arranging inspections, etc.

Step 3
We find every available example (listed and unlisted) that matches your criteria. We dig into the list and narrow down based on rust, mechanical condition, service history, etc. We present you with the curated list. You pick your favorites, and we dig further in - getting inspections, negotiating price, etc. If you don't like any of them or have developed more preferences after seeing the list, we keep looking until we find one you love.

Step 4
Once we've found your dream car,  you pay 60% of the final, estimated cost in order for us to purchase and ship it. 

Step 5
We export it, ship it, import it, collect it and get a clean US title (or if it's an American spec car, simply ship it from A to B). If you’d like us to do any work on the vehicle at our shop, we can. Once titled, you pay the remaining 40% and come pick it up or we ship it straight to your door.


All fees (export, shipping, import, title, etc) are passed on to you at cost, with no markups. You simply pay us for our time. So if we negotiate more off the purchase price, you get a better final price. If we get a good deal on shipping, you get a better final price. No hidden costs.

Consultation - $500
Sourcing - $3,000 ($1,500 paid upfront as deposit)
Logistics (export, ocean freight, import, US title) - $3,000 

You may also cherry pick parts of our service. For example, you source the car yourself and we handle export, import, and title. Or, we source the car and export it, and you handle import and title. Please inquire directly and we can give you pricing.