The thing about classics

Google’s self-driving cars haven’t taken over yet, but modern cars are so comfortable, efficient, and reliable that you almost forget you’re driving. Go ahead and calculate how many hours each week, month, year you spend in the car. Maybe you commute every day and it’s a lot, or maybe not. Either way, wouldn’t you rather remember those hours? Wouldn’t you rather enjoy them? If you answered “No” to those questions, or if you’ve ever said, “Coors is my favorite, but Bud Light is good too,” or maybe, “Missionary is the only position I know!” then yeah, go ahead and keep your Prius. It’ll get the job done.

But if you want to get excited each time you open your car door; if you want to own a piece of history; if you want to reclaim driving as a visceral experience; if you want to stand out; if you want to make a sound investment that won’t depreciate in value by 50% the second you drive it off the lot; if want to be on safari all of the time…. drive a classic. Here are some original ads for the cars we currently have in stock. Enjoy. 

We can't speak Italian, but whatever's happening is sexy.

I love a sunburnt country 

A Car for All Reasons