Vintage 4x4 Price Guide

Curious what your money can get you? Here's a little guide. The rule with classic cars is that you either spend it now, or you spend twice as much later and are angry about it. More often than not, what seems like a great deal is actually a bunch of deferred maintenance. Below are price brackets for our most popular 4x4s, in both as-is driver condition and 100% sorted Dutch Safari Daily Driver Condition. 


Range Rover Classic American spec (4 door, auto, V8) (sorted Daily Driver)
Range Rover Classic Euro spec (2 door, diesel, manual, pre-1987, etc) (sorted Daily Driver)
Santana 88 2500DC (sorted Daily Driver)
Santana 109 2500DL (sorted Daily Driver)

Santana 2109 3500DL (sorted Daily Driver)

Defender 90 (as-is driver)
Mercedes 2 Door 230GE (sorted Daily driver)
Mercedes 2 Door 240GD(sorted Daily driver)

Mercedes 2 Door 280GE (as-is driver)
Mercedes 2 Door 300GD (as-is driver)
Mercedes 4 Door 230GE (as-is driver)
Mercedes 4 Door 240GD (as-is driver)

Defender 90 (sorted Daily Driver)
Mercedes 4 Door 280GE, 300GD (as-is driver)
Mercedes 4 Door 300GD (as-is driver)

Defender 110 (as-is driver, no A/C)

Defender 110 (sorted Daily Driver)