A gallon of gas cost 55 cents. The Dow Jones closed above 1000 for the first time in history. ABBA was formed.

Simple. Comfortable. Enjoyable. It imbues a sense of reclamation and competency that helps cut through the madness of modern times. Good things start to happen. Heads turn. Time slows down. The radio plays a song you forgot you love. History tends to repeat. Here’s the car part.

 This is the car that started the Dutch Safari Company. We drove around and decided we never wanted to stop. Cars used to represent freedom, and then they became classic, representing nostalgia for that freedom. And now they represent what, nostalgia for nostalgia? Can we be nostalgic for something we never experienced? Sure. We know character when we see it. We know the difference between cruise control and seducing a smooth hand off between third gear and second as we approach the curve.

 Like fools, we sold the Rover a few years ago. We recently got in touch with the guy we bought it, he doesn’t live too far. Offered to find him something bigger, better, faster, sexier. A Range Rover maybe, or a Porsche. Not interested, he said. She’s slowly but surely become the love of my life.

 We completely understand. Sigh.