Though we primarily operate as a service, we keep a small collection of vehicles at our shop in Austin. The cream of the crop.

We treat each car we import as if we are going to own them and drive them for the next 2 years. When they arrive we do a preliminary assessment of what it will need mechanically. We buy genuine parts, or OEM if genuine isn’t available; this can be very time consuming as most parts will come from an overseas supplier, but we don’t want to buy cheap Chinese counterparts that will need to replaced again in three years. After those repairs are done, we drive the cars as our own daily drivers, put them through their paces in all real world situations (around town, freeway, offroad, through traffic, etc) so that we give any lingering issues a chance to pop up. After a few weeks of this, we do our final repairs and only afterwards can it be called a Dutch Safari Daily Driver. Only when we’d feel comfortable having you hop in and drive two thousands miles, and then use it to commute to and from work every day. Basically, we don’t cut corners in an industry that is made up of cut corners.

That is why we charge what we do for our cars - you either spend it now, or you spend much more later and are angry about it. Take a look at our manifesto on standard and quality


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