When we were teenagers living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, we bought a cheap old 1972 Land Rover Series III. Our favorite activity was taking the Rover out, never going anywhere in particular, just going. We called it going on safari. The Rover broke down a lot. It was an adventure always.

We decided we wanted to stay on safari so we began planning an expedition from Alaska down to Patagonia that would last a minimum of two years but possibly forever. Although we loved our little truck, we decided a Defender 110 would be more well-suited for our purposes. We wondered what it would take to import one.


In our quest to find our dream car, we found both a passion and aptitude for the search, for sourcing, and for logistics. Now we find dream cars for you, so that you can experience safari as a way of life too.

Thanks for joining us.

- Nick and Eric