$8,500 as-is driver              
$25,000 fully sorted Daily Driver  

3.9L v8 · 142,700 miles· automatic TRANSMISSION · A/C

For sale is a completely rust free 1995 Range Rover Classic SWB

1995 is the last year of the Range Rover Classic, and the only year with airbags and soft dash. Most examples have at a minimum minor rust, but more often than not serious rust. This example is completely rust free and solid.

It's a two owner truck with 142,700 miles on it. It has been sitting for roughly a year. It runs, but we haven't driven it because the head gaskets are blown. 

Swapping the engine will be roughly $3,000-$5,000. Rebuilding the engine will be roughly $5000-$7000. We can do either at our shop.
We can also give the truck our full Daily Driver treatment (reflected in price above), which is a mechanical restoration going through all the systems including engine, cooling, suspension, brakes, electrical, and steering. 

The interior is quite clean and tidy. Only two flaws are the driver's seat, which is ripped in two places (we can recover driver's seat or all the seats), and it is missing the driver's side door pocket. Everything else is original and in good shape. It has the original radio, which is quite rare to find. Comes with owner's manual and service booklet. 

Recently received new tires.

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