$9,500 as is
$13,500 with replaced head gasket  

Y60 2.8 LITRE TURBO DIESEL · 250,000 kms· manual TRANSMISSION 

For sale is a rust free, left hand drive 1990 Nissan Patrol. It's an extremely original and well kept Y60 Patrol with the original paint, no body repairs, and very tidy interior including the original radio.

The RD28T diesel engine provides excellent power for both around town and freeway speeds.

Amazingly well equipped for 1990 with central locking, power steering, disc brakes, coil springs, power antenna, heated seats, a factory tape player, headlight wipers, and a third row of seats.

It comes with the original owner's manual as well as service booklet, which starts with its first service from new. 

Currently running and driving, but it has a blown head gasket. We can address this at our shop if you'd like (price listed above). Would also be a good time to do a Skyline engine swap.