3.5L V8 · automatic TRANSMISSION · A/C 

1987 saw the first Range Rover Classics introduced into the American market. This particular truck comes with extensive history, including the original purchase invoice (for which the original owner traded in his Jeep Wagoner), newspaper clippings mentioning the truck, tons of service records and receipts, all registrations, and owner's manual.

It was owned by one woman in Portland, Oregon for the majority of its life before being purchased by someone in Texas, who intended to restore it but plans changed and it ended up sitting in a field, where we found it. It has one of the cleanest, most well preserved interiors of any Range Rover Classic we've seen. Interior pieces on these trucks are incredibly hard to find in good shape to replace, so this interior is truly incredible and valuable.

We swapped in a new battery and replaced the fuel pump and the truck started up instantly. It runs and drives well, but should be serviced as it has been sitting. No dash lights are on. The only thing keeping it from being roadworthy at the moment is the brakes. 

Paint is in good shape except for the hood. It is all original except for an aftermarket radio. 


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