3.5L V8 · automatic TRANSMISSION · A/C

The AA VIN Range Rover is very special as there were  many changes in a short period of time. 1981 was the introduction of the Vogue trim level, 1982 was the first year of the 4 door Range Rover Classic, and 1983 saw the introduction of the automatic gearbox. This model is a German spec 1983 4 door automatic Vogue model equipped with every option available including the special order Lincoln Green paint. This early 4 door is an amazing combination of old luxury with classic rugged offroad capability. This combination would only be available for 2 model years before the introduction of the modern Range Rover Classic design in 1985.

We imported this 1983 Range Rover Classic from Spain in 2016. This truck started as a solid but typically tired Spanish Range Rover that we sold to a client who began a Daily Driver treatment with us, but did not complete it. We finished about 85% of the treatment before he took possession of the truck, and so it still needs some final touches to be a perfect, every day driver. The brakes, suspension, and engine have all been addressed, but the wiring still needs to be completed as well as some cosmetic touches. It has air conditioning that is charged and filled. It runs and drives very well, and will make an excellent Daily Driver once fully sorted.

What has been done:

  • Rebuilt engine

  • 4 barrel carburetor conversion with demon carb for added reliability

  • New alternator, starter, distributor and coil

  • All new OEM suspension, including shocks, coils, and bushings

  • All new OEM steering including the gearbox, ball joints and hoses

  • New A/C Compressor, condenser, drier, pressure switch and custom lines

  • New brake pads and rotors, hubs resealed and packed, upgraded stainless steel brake hoses.

  • New body mounts

The paint is driver quality. Lincoln Green was a special order color in 1983, so it’s quite rare to find. The carpet set is complete, and is not ripped or torn. The seats have been recovered in MBtex vinyl, and are in great shape. Because the truck was driven without the wiring done, the plastic pieces around the steering column are melted. We can source replacements.

The truck includes a retro sound stereo that has not been installed. It’s unobtrusive and looks period correct, but has Bluetooth.

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