3.5L V8 · manual TRANSMISSION · A/C

1982 saw the introduction of the factory built 4 door Range Rover. This example is the 438th to come off the line for the 1982 model year, making it one fo the earliest factory 4 doors ever built. 1982 falls into our favorite year range for Range Rover Classics. It has the classic, simple design of early Suffix models but with more luxury and comforts, yet avoids the mechanical headaches of later fuel injected models. The 3.5L carbureted engine is more robust than the later EFI Range Rover engines, and is much simpler to maintain. It’s extremely quick off the line and feels much more powerful than American spec Range Rovers. It has the same drivetrain as the Range Rover Jeremy Clarkson used in the Top Gear Bolivia special. We chase car-ed twenty Porsche 911s through 150 miles of Hill Country back roads in this Range Rover, and we managed to keep up the entire time. Contract @gruppechat if you don’t believe us.

We’ve used this truck as a daily driver for the last six months, with no issues. Recent major services include:

A full fuel system rebuild
New fuel tank
New fuel pump
New fuel filter
4 barrel carb removed and swapped to original Stromberg cd175 dual carbs
Rebuild of Stromberg carburetors

Clutch replacement
New clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing and retaining clip
New clutch slave cylinder, clutch hose and fluid

Full ignition tune up
Distributor converted to non points style
New cap and rotor,
New coil
New spark plugs and spark plug wires
New ballast resistor

Cooling system flush
Coolant flushed and replaced
New top, bottom and heater hoses
New waterpump and belts
New plastic radiator cap and reservoir cap

Rust repair
Some small rust spots were repaired and painted over

Power steering box replaced
Panhard rod bushings replaced

New Goodyear Tires

The A/C is holding a charge, but isn’t currently working.



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