1975 Range Rover Classic 2 Door
For sale at $60,000

3.5 Liter v8 · manual transmission

The 1975 Range Rover is in a class of its own. Compared to a US spec 1987-1994 Range Rover, this is an entirely different car; the hood, grill, bumpers, doors, brake calipers, transfer case, seats, gear shift, dashboard, etc are different. It was built before Land Rover was put on a budget, when the goal was to create "a car for every occasion" and it suited each perfectly. This was the model featured at the Louvre; not the leather clad, 4 door, cruise control, fuel-injected model you're familiar with, but the simple and beautiful 2 door, carbureted, 4 speed manual Range Rover. A true Range Rover Classic.

We just recently took this one on a 1200 mile tour from Austin to Big Bend and back. It drove beautifully, cruised easily and comfortably at 75mph, and took the rocky roads as if they were lined with pillows. When serviced properly, these vehicles are reliable work horses with the ability to take you to the ends of the world, or to a nice dinner downtown. When people say that Range Rovers have reliability issues, it has everything to do with how the vehicle is kept. One thing we have found as Range Rover specialists is that even when Range Rovers are very broken, they still drive around. They are running, driving deferred maintenance. About 85% of all Range Rovers on the road are in this condition which has lead to that poor reliability reputation. If you never serviced a new Toyota, at some point it would stop working. We believe that there aren’t unreliable Range Rovers, only unreliable owners.  

This 1975 Model is a suffix D finished in Lincoln Green with Ambla Leathercloth, and it had one option checked off: power steering. This Rover was one of under 1500 LHD models made that year, and one of the few that survived and didn’t get turned into an offroad buggy, or converted a 4 door modern rover in order to cheat taxes. It features a 130hp, 185ftlb of torque 3.5L Rover v8 attached to a 4 speed LT95 transmission with integrated transfer box. This is a true made in Great Britain made Range Rover not a CKD (Completely Knocked Down) aka Kit made in Costa Rica or Venezuela like most of the early range rovers that hit the US market.