2.25 Petrol engine · manual TRANSMISSION 

This Rover is sitting on a Designa 109 Coil Sprung Chassis and has Discovery axles and brakes. It has an Old Man Emu 2 inch lift springs .This truck was built to be a daily driver by the previous owner. It's powered by the original 2.25 Petrol engine with a 4 speed gearbox and a fairy overdrive

Interior upgrades added by the previous owner for comfort and usability:

Defender Exmoor seats in the front
Locking Tuffy center console
Led Front and rear interior lights
Upgraded Heater

Off-road upgrades:

Hi-Lift jack Secured to the back
9000lb Winch Attached to the front bumper
Work light on the rear
CB Radio hidden in the dash
Disc Handbrake

In the Last 12 months we've done the following maintenance:

New Radiator, hoses and a coolant flush
New Carburetor
Rebuilt rear differential
Fluids and Filters

During our ownership its been very reliable and we've driven it long distances without issue and are currently using it as a daily driver for a 20 mile commute. We initially purchased this Series to be the base of an extensive project showcasing our shop's abilities, however our focus has since switched to Range Rover Classics. Our intention was to create a refined and comfortable Daily Drivable vehicle that has the outward appearance of a Land Rover Series IIA Bugeye. This vehicle was the perfect base due to already having a coil chassis and adaptability with Range Rover parts

Buy it as is or talk to us about your ideal build.

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